There’s a New Style of Dealership Selling the Hottest Old Cars

Brett Berk, Contributor for Bloomberg Posted on February 17, 2022

There’s a New Style of Dealership Selling the Hottest Old Cars

The Barn Miami holds a bonanza of “young timers” and other buzzy classics.

By Brett Berk 
February 17, 2022, 4:40 AM EST

Gaston Rossato sold his first car, a 1981 Toyota Corolla he’d purchased from one of his South Florida neighbors, when he was just 9 years old. “He was asking $200 for the car. I offered him $100,” Rossato says. “He laughed at me.”


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Neighborhood Watch The Watch Lover's Guide To Miami

Cole Pennington, Contributor for Hodinkee Posted on February 17, 2022

HODINKEE writers are always on the move. In this new series, we'll show you the world through our eyes. This is how we (and watch-loving locals) experience some of our favorite cities around the world. Set your GMT bezel and join us on the trip.

If there were ever a city poised to dethrone New York as the horological capital of the United States, it's Miami. Over the past decade, its population density has grown faster than any other city's in America. 



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The Barn Miami Featured on The Real Housewives of Miami

Bravo TV Posted on January 6, 2022

S4.E5 "Family Therapy"

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Eddie Irvine Owned This Excellent Porsche 930

Fred Smith, Contributor for Road and Track Posted on October 30, 2021

The former Ferrari F1 driver and 1999 world championship runner-up initially bought the car to match his Lamborghini Countach.

eddie irvine 930

In the mid-1970s, Porsche had already established itself as the world's foremost sports car racing power. But new rules had eliminated the world-beating 917 and suddenly required homologation for road cars adjacent to the cars that could win Le Mans in the Group 4 and 5 rule sets. So, Porsche set about making a homologation special, a turbocharged...

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How an Oddball Car of the Future Saved Aston Martin, and Almost Killed It

Mike Spinelli, Contributor for The Drive Posted on October 25, 2021

How an Oddball Car of the Future Saved Aston Martin, and Almost Killed It

Picture the global scene in the early 1970s when William Towns, designer of the Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2, was putting pencil to paper. A spike in oil prices and an echo crisis in the steel industry had jackhammered the economies of Aston Martin’s largest market, the U.S., and its home country, the U.K. 

With a double punch of high unemployment and high inflation, the bad times persisted through the decade’s midpoint. By early 1976 when Towns' sketches were...

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How a Classic Volkswagen Beetle Became a Jolly

Brett Berk, Contributor for Car and Driver Posted on August 29, 2021

A South Florida insurance executive wanted something different to run around his beach town. So he found an old Beetle, and then he learned to weave.


Juan Diaz-Padron has long been obsessed with oddball cars, and perhaps none as much as the Jolly, those goofily adorable cars based mainly on Fiat 500s. "I'm a classic automobile enthusiast, so I always like the idea of fun, vintage vehicles," the Miami insurance company CEO says.

Jollys were doorless, surrey-roofed,...

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Gaston Rossato Talks About How Social Media Energised The Barn Miami To Dominate The Automotive Industry

Nigerian Tribune Posted on March 3, 2021

It hasn’t been too long since The Barn Miami was incorporated, and now it is one of the hottest car dealerships in Miami. According to Gaston Rossato, youtube had a large part to play in this development. What’s unique about Gaston’s dealership is that its storefront is entirely online in addition to his physical space. He markets his vehicles online and often uses Youtube, and some of the cars that Gaston’s dealership has had also have been featured on shows like the...

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Gaston Rossato: Founder of the Barn Miami, has been in the car business for 15 years

Rapheal, Contributor for The Sun Posted on March 1, 2021

Some of the biggest car rental companies have set up shop in front of many hotels, viewing and photo ops at no cost! One of the ‘new kids on the block’ in Miami is The Barn Miami – despite being in the car business for only fifteen years, their millennial approach to this outdated industry.

The Barn Miami is one of the few auto boutiques dealing with specialty vehicles ranging from antique to exotic.

Run by Gaston Rossato, a car enthusiast dedicated to reforming the auto...

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