Two Lancia Delta Integrales Meet The Miami Rain

Speedhunters Posted on December 7, 2019

During a visit to Florida earlier this year, we stopped in at The Barn Miami and found ourselves surrounded by a well-cultivated collection of interesting cars.

The Barn – essentially a boutique dealership for exotic and collector cars – is managed by the Rossato brothers, Gaston and Renzo, and their father who mesh together to manage the flow of their collection. Three handsome men, their beautiful cars, the warm Miami breeze – it was all perfectly classy and timeless. While there were many cars in their possession that I could ogle at (more on that another time), I really couldn’t take my eyes off a pair of Lancia Delta HF Integrales.

So we hopped in, grabbed some gas, and took them out to some dusty backroads to see these rally kings in their natural habitat.

This was was supposed to be a dusty road out of town, but as you might know yourself, location scouting when out of state can be tricky, and often we end up going with a plan B when we arrive. This time, a few miles from the center of Miami, the location was beyond perfect for a pair of cars whose history is as rich as the gravel they glided above.


While Trevor was out in the wet shooting, the Rossato brothers and their enthusiast friend, Luciano Garavaglia, filled me in a great deal.

Today, Lancia currently only manufactures one car in one country — the Ypsilon, in Italy of course. However, as we all know, the company has an impressive and proactive history that led to the creation of the cars we had the pleasure of experiencing face-to-face in Miami.


The founders of Lancia had a vision that any great company should have: To create an incredible and innovative car company without the confines of a budget. Sounds almost too good to be true, and yet they did just that time and time again, engineering and designing some truly wild vehicles along the way. Lancia is credited with producing the first car with an electric starter and headlights as standard equipment, the first with a 5-speed transmission, and the first with a V6 engine.


Lancia made some great-looking cars during the ’50s and ’60s in Italy, but by the mid-’80s the company had created arguably the best rally car of all time – the Lancia Delta. The Delta was marketed both as a family-friendly, front-wheel drive grocery-getter, as well as a highly-competitive and powerful all-wheel drive rally car. We were over-the-moon to get to see two done-up, rally-inspired examples of these Italian stallions in the wild.


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